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Audio systems are designed for different locales and acoustics, some will serve well to address a single room of listeners and others can address stadium size crowds. Sometimes this is referred to as jibbing.
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One school of thought believes that Kokeshi dolls have their origins in the practice of spiritualist religion. Wooden dolls were thought to contain the spiritual essence of the dead and were often made for honorary remembrance.

The modern history of Japanese Kokeshi dolls began in the latter part of the Edo Era (1603-1867). Originating in the Tohiku region of northern Japan, famous for it's hot springs and rejuvenating spa waters, Kokeshi Dolls acted as an important source of extra income for local artisans known as Kijiya (which means woodworker in Japanese), who specialised in wood work and the production of household utensils such as trays and wooden bowls. In severe winters these Kijiya craftsmen began making "Kokeshi Dolls" to sell as souvenirs to visitors who frequented the local hot springs. The dolls acted not only as souvenirs but also as massage tools used by the bathers to tap their shoulders whilst enjoying the warming benefits of the hot springs.

The Kokeshi dolls were very simple in design, originally made on hand-powered lathes. Traditional Kokeshi dolls had common characteristics that consisted of a basic cylindrical limbless body and a round head. Though the first dolls might have been unpainted, today most Kokeshi are painted in bright floral designs, kimonos, and other traditional patterns. Colors used were red, yellow and purple. As all the dolls are hand painted, no two faces are alike. This is perhaps the greatest charm of the Kokeshi. Some dolls are whimsical, happy and smiling, while others are serious.

Soon their popularity spread throughout Japan and they became favoured as wooden toys for those unable to afford porcelain dolls. In addition the simple rounded shapes of the dolls lent themselves as early teething rings for young babies.

Kokeshi dolls traditionally represented young girls and they quickly became popular for their depiction of feminine beauty. In addition their simple charm and association with childhood meant that they were often given as gifts when a child was born, as birthday presents or as symbols of remembrance when a child died. In addition Kokeshi Japanese Wooden Dolls were popular with the children of farmers as it was widely thought that they would promise a good harvest, as it was believed that it would create a positive impression on the gods if children played with the dolls.

The woods used for Kokeshi vary. Cherry is distinguished by its darkness. Mizuko or dogwood is softer and used extensively. Itaya-kaede, a Japanese maple is also used. The wood is left outdoors to season for one to five years before it can be used to make a doll. Today, Kokeshi is recognized as one of the traditional folk arts of Japan.

Despite their common features two schools of design exist, Traditional Kokeshi and Creative Kokeshi.

Traditional Kokeshi are for the main part still only produced in the six prefectures of the Tohoku region. The twelve schools of design here all exhibit distinctive features that allow experts to tell exactly where they have been produced and often by whom.

Creative Kokeshi do not follow the traditional designs originating from the Tohoku region and instead have an unstructured inspiration which is completely free in terms of shape and painting, the only traditional constraint being their manufacture by means of the lathe. Unlike traditional kokeshi, they do not display any of their distinctive local colour nor the techniques that had been passed down through the generations. They simply represent the creative thought and ability of the craftsman.

Traditional and Creative crafted dolls have become a cause for celebration in Tohoku and across Japan. Every year, in early September, people gather in Naruko Onsen where craftsmen from across the nation gather to honor Kokeshi in a competition where the number one prize is an award from the Prime Minister.

There are many different styles of Kokeshi, but there is one philosophy that all Kokeshi dolls share, and that is the pursuit of beauty and artistry through simplicity. This philosophy is extolled at the website: http://www.dollsofjapan.co.uk

Ivor Conway has traveled extensively throughout Japan and was charmed by the Japanese art form of Kokeshi. The website, //www.dollsofjapan.co.uk], is a global resource intended to further knowledge of these simple but elegant works of art.

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I visited the Hermes store in search of a 100ml bottle of Equipage and found it. the doorman was gracious to open the doorway for me and the son and greet us great afternoon. Upon coming into and staring all around searching for the fragrances a younger product sales gal with eyeglasses arrived more than and asked how she could aid. I identified my '[b][url=http://www.hermesfair.com]mens hermes belt[/url][/b]' and indicated I would carry on to search close to. The revenue gal hovered close by and when I looked at the enamel bracelets she came in excess of and explained the approach of how they are produced.

The sales dude downstairs greeted us as we appeared at ties and sneakers. I was dressed easily - plaid shorts and RL polo but felt I was treated as a buyer ought to be.
It is Hermes. Of course the objects are gorgeous.
As I ogled an unbelievably stunning hand-stitched crocodile hoodie, an exceptionally welcoming salesman walked by and respectfully explained "There are only 3 of them in the United States. Go ahead and consider it on." I responded "Oh, no way, I can not." He warmly repeated himself, "Go forward and consider it on, remember to." I quickly removed myself from the situation, trying to handle myself, realizing how extremely easy it would have been to hurdle across the close by glass ledge, knock above the Safety Guard and lightning-bolt out the front doorway, scale the facet of the constructing, and lizard-leap from creating-leading to building-top rated right up until I get to the predictable basic safety of my individual acquainted apartment, in which I could thereafter stay peacefully rocking back-and-forth in a darkish corner grappling My Precious. To estimate Jerri Blank (Strangers with Candy), "Alter. Can we change?"
What is fantastic about Hermes is the customer service. Extremely very experienced SAs and you they can refurb anything at all!

I get annoyed when men and women come into the store just to question for a Birkin. There are so many other beautiful bags (not to point out ready-to-use and accessories).

Only grievance is the return plan. You far better get house quick with your scarf to make it matches the outfit you had in brain and better get back again to the keep ASAP if it isn't going to!
General, you get what you pay for and I would recommend a visit to this keep although in NYC.
The five stars are for the merchandise.

As for the product sales help, when I went into the Boston retailer with an acquaintance, the SA's stopped chatting among themselves as we walked in and stood at consideration. We had been welcomed and dealt with most graciously.
I firmly imagine that you get from other people the exact same mindset you set out, as in each and every region of lifestyle. I uncover it interesting that folks can occur to the identical shop or cafe and one particular will praise it to the skies although the other people are disgusted and damaging. This is naturally the purpose why.
If you go in sensation frightened and really feel like you might not belong there, the men and women will decide on up on it.
If you don't believe you ought to have great support, you won't get it.
If you are arrogant and defensive, they will reflect that. If you are hostile and unfriendly, ditto. And so forth.
By default, you get the finest likelihood for great company if you wander in wearing Hermes in some form, the far more obvious the far better-e.g. a Kelly or Birkin bag and/or scarf. (but beware-do not put on fakes!!!!!) And gown actually properly. No prole caps or operating shoes or jeans-unless you put on them with huge diamonds.
You ought to also keep in mind that Hermes has to deal with a large tourist crowd who-as many individuals are these times, regrettably-usually lack basic manners. And hordes of girls demanding Birkins...who aren't ready to buy them anyway but just want to contact one. Sigh.
I lately examine a accurate story of a female who introduced her Birkin into Hermes and rested it atop a counter to appear at one thing nearby. An additional consumer came above and asked her if it was genuine. She said yes. And this woman then picked up the purse and exclaimed "but it's so large!"
The bag's operator explained: "that's simply because it has all my issues in it."
The girl then proceeded to Empty OUT THE OWNER'S BAG!!!!!!! onto the counter, to the amazement of the SA close by.
Shocked, the owner stopped the female and advised her the bag was not for sale and that it was hers.

btw, it actually is true that you can purchase a Birkin (or Kelly) in the keep-there is no waiting around list except if you want to buy a special pores and skin. You just have to spend a significant sum in the keep and then question if they have a Birkin to match your [b][url=http://www.hermesheaven.com]hermes replica kelly bags[/url][/b] no matter what (s). The author of "Getting Residence The Birkin" is totally right about this.

Sure it is outrageous, but as constantly, income talks.

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Food named after famous people: ABC
Fillet of Beef Prince Albert – Queen Victoria‘s Consort Prince Albert (1819-1861), also has an English white sauce, the Prince Albert Pea, and Prince Albert apple named for him, and probably Albert pudding.
Chicken la d’Albufera – Louis-Gabriel Suchet (1770-1826), one of Napoleon’s generals and marshal of France for a time, was named duc d’Albufera after a lake near Valencia, Spain, to mark his victory there during the Peninsular War. Famed 19th-century French chef Marie-Antoine Carme (Antonin Carme) created several dishes in the duke’s honor, including duck, beef, and the sauce that accompanies this chicken.
Fettuccine Alfredo – Alfredo di Lelio, an early-20th century Italian chef who invented the dish for his wife in 1914-1920 at his Roman restaurant. The dish became famous in part because Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks touted it after their 1927 visit to Rome. The authentic Alfredo recipe contains only several butters, no cream sauce.
Alexandertorte – possibly Alexander I, the gourmet Russian tzar who employed Antonin Carme. Finland claims the creation, allegedly by Swiss pastry chefs in Helsinki in 1818, in anticipation of the tzar’s visit there.
Lobster Duke Alexis – the Russian Grand-Duke Alexis (future Alexander III) (1845-1894) made a highly-publicized visit to the U.S. in 1871. A dinner for him at Delmonico’s featured this, and was kept on the menu by chef Charles Ranhofer.
Gteau Alexandra – like her husband Edward VII, Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925) was honored by an assortment of foods named after her when she was Princess of Wales and Queen. Besides this chocolate cake, there is consomm Alexandra, soup, sole, chicken quail, and various meat dishes.
Consomm Princess Alice – this consomm with artichoke hearts and lettuce is named for Princess Alice (1883-1981), one of Queen Victoria‘s granddaughters.
Amundsen’s Dessert – Roald Amundsen (1872-1928), the great Norwegian polar explorer, was served this dish by Norwegian-American friends in Wisconsin not long before he died in an Arctic plane crash.
Anna potatoes – the casserole of sliced potatoes cooked in butter was created and named by French chef Adolf Duglr for the well-known 19th-century courtesan/actress Anna Deslions, who frequented Duglr’s Caf Anglais. “Potatoes Annette” is a version of Potatoes Anna, with the potatoes julienned instead of in rounds.
Oreiller de la Belle Aurore – Claudine-Aurore Rcamier, the mother of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, has a lobster dish named after her, but it is this elaborate game pie which was one of her son’s favorite dishes. The large square pie contains a variety of game birds and their livers, veal, pork, truffles, aspic, and much else, in puff pastry.
Chateau-Ausone red Bordeaux wine – Ausonius (310-395 A.D.), the poet employed by Valentinian I to tutor the Roman emperor’s son, retired to the Bordeaux region and wrote about oyster farming. The wine named after him is said
to be made of grapes grown on the site of his villa.jocuri logice
Baldwin apple – Colonel Loammi Baldwin (1745-1807), a commander of militia at the Battle of Lexington, found this apple between 1784 and 1793 while working as a surveyor and engineer on the Middlesex Canal in Massachusetts. Chicken Cardinal la Balue – Cardinal Jean la Balue (1421-1491), a somewhat notorious minister to Louis XI, is remembered in this dish of chicken, crayfish, and mashed potatoes.
Bartlett pear – accidentally (?) renamed English Williams pear by Massachusetts nurseryman Enoch Bartlett, early 19th century. Williams was a 17th-century English horticulturist.
Battenburg cake – probably named after one of the late-19th century princely Battenberg family living in England, who gave up their German titles during World War I and changed their name to Mountbatten.
Bchamel sauce, named to flatter the matre d’Hotel to Louis XIV, Louis de Bchamel, Marquis de Nointel (1630-1703), also a financier and ambassador.
Barnaise sauce – although often thought to indicate the region of Barn, the sauce name may well originate in the nickname of French king Henry IV (1553-1610), “le Grand Barnais.”dress up games
Ham mousseline la Belmont – August Belmont (1816-1890) was born in Prussia and emigrated to the U.S. to work for the New York branch of Rothschild’s. He became an extremely wealthy banker, married the daughter of Commodore Matthew Perry, and was a leading figure in New York society and American horse-racing. This dish was created at Delmonico’s by Charles Ranhofer, probably for a dinner given there in Belmont’s honor.
Eggs Benedict – at least two main accounts. Lemuel Benedict, a New York stockbroker, claimed to have gone to the Waldorf Hotel for breakfast one day in 1894 while suffering a hangover. He asked for a restorative in the form of toast, bacon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce on the side. The famous matre d’ Oscar of the Waldorf took an interest in Benedict’s order, and adapted it for the Waldorf menu, substituting English muffins and ham, adding truffles, and naming it after Benedict. The other version: in 1893, Charles Ranhofer, head chef of Delmonico’s, created the dish for Mr. and/or Mrs. LeGrand Benedict, New York stockbroker and socialite.
Eggs Benedict XVI – Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Alois Ratzinger (1927) now has a Germanic version of the original Eggs Benedict named after him. Rye bread and sausage or sauerbrauten replace the English muffins and Canadian bacon.
Eggs Berlioz – Hector Berlioz (1803-1869), the notable French composer, has his name on a dish of soft-boiled eggs, elevated by the addition of croustades, duchesse potatoes, and truffles and mushrooms in a Madeira sauce.
Sarah Bernhardt Cakes – famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). The pastry may be Danish in origin. There is a Sole Sarah Bernhardt, and a souffl. “Sarah Bernhardt” may indicate a dish garnished with a pure of foie gras, and Delmonico’s “Sarah Potatoes,” by Charles Ranhofer, are most likely named for the actress.
Lobster Paul Bert – Paul Bert (1833-1886) was a French physiologist, diplomat, and politician, but is perhaps best known for his research on the effect of air pressure on the body. Charles Ranhofer was either a friend or fan of the father of aerospace medicine.
Bibb lettuce – John B. Bibb, mid-19th century amateur horticulturist of Frankfort, Kentucky.
Oysters Bienville – this New Orleans dish of baked oysters in a shrimp sauce was named for Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville (1680-1767), French governor of Louisiana and founder of New Orleans (1718).bancuri tari
Bing cherry – Oregon horticulturist Seth Luelling (or Lewelling) developed the cherry around 1875, with the help of his Manchurian foreman Bing, after whom he named it.
Bismarck herring, (Bismarcks, Schlosskse Bismarck) – Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), chief figure in the unification of Germany in 1870 and first Chancellor of the German Empire, has many foods named after him, including these – pickled herring, pastry, and cheese.
Eggs in a Mold Bizet – Georges Bizet (1838-1875), the French composer of Carmen and other operas, has a consomm named for him as well as these eggs cooked in molds lined with minced pickled tongue, served on artichoke hearts.
Sole Bolivar – named after the famous South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar (1783-1830).
Bonaparte’s Ribs – an early 19th-century English sweet named after Napoleon Bonaparte
Boysenberry – Rudolf Boysen, botanist and Anaheim park superintendent, developed the loganberry/raspberry /blackberry cross around the 1920's. The berry was subsequently grown, named and made famous in the 1930's by Walter Knott of Knott’s Berry Farm in California.
Brillat-Savarin cheese – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) has many dishes named for him besides this cheese, including partridge, eggs, garnishes, savory pastries, and the Savarin cake. Brillat-Savarin was the influential French author of The Physiology of Taste, in which he advocated viewing cuisine as a science.
Burbank plum – Luther Burbank (1849-1926), renowned American horticulturist, bred many new varieties of plants, including this and the Russet Burbank potato.
Angelina Burdett plum – this plum, bred by a Mr. Dowling of Southampton, England around 1850, was named after Baroness Angelina Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906), a notable philanthropist. The Baroness inherited great wealth from her grandfather, banker Thomas Coutts, and devoted much of it to helping the needy at home and abroad.
Caesar’s mushroom – probably named for Julius Caesar, this mushroom of southern France is also called the King
of Mushrooms. There is also a Caesar potato.
Caesar salad – Caesar Cardini (1896-1956), an Italian who came to San Diego, California after World War I, is generally thought to have created the salad (sans anchovies, except those in the Worcestershire sauce) at his restaurant in 1924. The restaurant was located in Tijuana, most likely to avoid Prohibition in the U.S. As with many popular dishes, there are more claimants to the salad’s invention, including Cardini’s business partner, his brother, and one of his young sous-chefs who said it was his mother’s recipe. Julius Caesar is not involved, except perhaps as the source of Mr. Cardini’s first name.
Chicken filets Sadi Carnot – while it would be a bit unusual if the father of thermodynamics had a dish named after him, it is far more likely that chef Charles Ranhofer had Marie Franois Sadi Carnot (1837-1894) in mind, not his uncle, the physicist Nicolas Lonard Sadi Carnot (1796-1832). However, the nephew was named after the uncle, who was named after a medieval Persian philosopher. The younger Sadi-Carnot was a civil engineer, politician, and government minister who rose to become a popular French president (1887-1894) noted for his integrity. His only crisis in office was the de Lesseps Panama Canal scandal. He was assassinated by an Italian anarchist in 1894.
Chateaubriand – a cut and a recipe for steak named for Vicomte Franois Ren de Chateaubriand (1768-1848), French writer and diplomat. His chef Montinireil is thought to have created the dish around 1822 while Chateaubriand was ambassador to England. There is also a kidney dish named for him.
Chiboust cream – a cream filling invented by the French pastry chef Chiboust in Paris around 1846, and intended to fill his Gteau Saint-Honor. The filling is also called Saint-Honor cream.
Christian IX cheese – honoring King Christian IX of Denmark (1818-1906), this is a caraway-seeded semi-firm Danish cheese.
Clementines – named for Pre Pierre Clment, a French monk living in North Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. Allegedly, he either found a natural mutation of the mandarin orange which he grew, or he created a hybrid of the mandarin and the Seville oranges. The fruit, however, may have originated long before in Asia.
Cleopatra Mandarin orange – presumably, Cleopatra VII (69-30 BC), of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and the last queen of Egypt, is the name source for this orange and the Cleopatra apple.
Peach pudding la Cleveland – Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), 22nd and 24th U.S. president, was given this dish by Charles Ranhofer, who may have felt presidents deserved desserts named after them as much as Escoffier’s ladies, even if Cleveland was reputed to not much like French food.
Cobb Salad – Robert H. Cobb, owner of the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, who is said to have invented the salad as a late-night snack for himself in 1936-1937.
Scrambled eggs la Columbus – Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), the Italian sailor who claimed the New World for Spain, has a dish of scrambled eggs with ham, fried slices of blood pudding and beef brains named after him.
Charlotte Corday – Charlotte Corday (1768-1793), the assassin of the radical Jean-Paul Marat was paid tribute with an ice cream dessert by Charles Ranhofer of Delmonico’s.
Cox’s Orange Pippin – apple named after its developer Richard Cox (1777-1845), a retired brewer, in Buckinghamshire, England..Motorcycle games


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Ian Williams

It's funny how every time something major occurs in the DL/ID industry there are those that propose smart card technology as the savior to all of our problems.

I have been around long enough to watch every DL/ID smart card initiatives fail. Why did they fail? No one ever came up with a good enough business case to justify the cost. In 1997 I presented at the AAMVA Region 2 Meeting in Charleston on the topic of smart cards for DL/ID. At that time several states were considering smart cards for DL/ID purposes. We even had Utah release a smart card DL/ID RFP that was shot down for the right reasons – there was no need for it at the time.

Why - Smart Cards were a solution looking for a problem. During this mid 90’s push for smart cards I was working for one of the largest smart card vendors in the world - they wanted me to promote smart cards in US DL as it would be a fabulous way to increase the cost-per-card that jurisdictions per paying, by about 10 times the price.

However jurisdictions didn’t need smart cards. They needed better validation, better documents and a means to put information on the card to measure verification. All this could be done without the cost of a smart chip. It can still be done today.

Proponents argue that we can have a multi-application smart card that will serve as my DL and bank card and reduce the amount of space in my wallet taken up by a whole bunch of other cards. But what happens when I don’t want you to read the chip, say to realize I am a suspended driver. I simply disable the chip. Then what – you revert to the systems we have in place today – you go online to see if I’m still a qualified driver. What’s the point of the chip then?

Secondly, what do you take away from me when my driver license is suspended? You can’t take away my physical document; I may need it to obtain all the other privileges now associated with my multi-application smart card. Start rewriting the legislation in 50 states as this will take a long time to resolve.

Today we hear the proponents telling us we need RFID driver licenses. We don’t for driver license validation. There is a privacy element often forgotten that by voluntarily presenting my physical document, by choice I am determining whether I want the government to inspect my document. The possibility of the reading of my driver license as I pass through a subway turnstile or any other secured access area, without my consent is a frightening scenario, even for this advocate of stronger more secure driver licenses.

The discussion of needing RFID to meet Real ID for driver licenses, if continued, will likely defeat the entire concept. Real ID as it is written now has enough to overcome, and obtaining buy-in from the public, and the state DMV’s. Adding RFID that really isn’t required at this point reminds me of the many smart card DL programs that I’ve seen fizzle since 1992 due to their own inability to prove their merit by justifying the technology and cost. People are concerned enough about the ability of Real ID to perform to its mandate with the opportunity for scope creep. Proposing RFID on DL/ID at this juncture provides the legitimacy to those that would oppose Real ID due to potential exploitation and privacy invasion by government.

Real ID won’t catch terrorists. It won’t even slow them down as proposed. Folks I have devoted my life to driver license security and worked on systems that have issued a half billion documents. Real ID can be beneficial, however in the many other areas that have plagued DL/ID systems for years.

If you want to kill Real ID before it has a chance to improve DL/ID security, enhance road safety by keeping disqualified drivers from getting multiple licenses, reduce identity theft occurrence by performing better verification, then keep promoting RFID for DL – you’ll surely kill any benefit that might have come from Real ID implementation.

S Woodlyn

You are correct. The legislation doesn’t state RFID or biometric. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The legislation states “common machine-readable technology with defined minimum data elements”. Since most of us aren’t in a position to elaborate on that sufficiently vague statement, we can only deduct the meaning. A “common machine-readable technology” gives us a finite number of potential candidates as options, contact (magnetic stripe, integrated circuit, etc.) and contact-less (RFID, barcode, etc.) cards. Theoretically, the technology could utilize any of the options so as a result all of them are valid possibilities. This is where the RFID comes into play.

What are the “defined minimum data elements”, which the legislation speaks of? Is it the minimum drivers license requirements to appear on the face of each credential? Possibly. Perhaps not. If we’re to “secure” the drivers license credential, it is only reasonable to include a biometric that incidentally, we already do with facial capture and recognition (although I suspect most would argue the point) from the person issued the credential. Here is where the biometric component comes into play although there are other forms in play. In California for example, the thumbprint is captured during the licensing registration process. To your original point, at nowhere in the legislation is there mention of RFID or biometrics but we know that there are only so many options.


I'm always seeing the same points raised with regard to Real ID: RFID and biometrics. I guess there's something wrong with my reading comprehension because I don't see either of those words used in the Real ID Act. Can someone point me to where these issues are discussed in that Act? Or is this all a red herring designed to inflame controversy and mislead the public about what Real ID actually says?

Tim Sparapani

The ACLU has long argued that REAL ID will inevitably lead to the development of a true National ID Card. Whether or not 50 states are still nominally in control of the licenses, federal law now mandates (i) a series of data elements that must be collected and presented on the face of the card, and (ii) data sharing of all data -- including biometrics, birth certificates, proof of state residence, address and driving records -- with all other states and the federal government. Make of that what you will, but a basic understanding of computer networking leads to the conclusion that even if the 50 states are themselves gathering and collecting the data, the fact that the data is shared as of right makes this one unified network of data with at least 50 hubs. That's a national ID database, even if we've got 50 different cards with a different name of a state at the top of the card.

What's the impact? For the first time every drivers' most sensistitive personally identifiable information will be accessible by literally hundreds of thousands of local, state and federal governmental officials. Unless and until the Department of Homeland Security writes regulations strictly limiting access to data, everything a data thief might need to assume someone else's identity will be available in one, relatively insecure database. A recipe for disaster.

David A. Kearns

I'm sorry, did I miss the legislation that instituted a national identity card? Here I'd thought we were discussing uniform state driver's licenses. That's still 50 separate datastores, 50 separate identity repositories (plus the teritories and possessions I suppose) - not a national system.

While the development of the seperate, uniform data templates might someday facilitate a national ID system, that day is not yet here, and is not being proposed.

Of course, the discussion is moot anyway since the Social Security system already gives the government the necessary "glue" to maintain identity dossiers on all Americans.

Paul Gowder

I think those of us who wish to fight this trend have to articulare more clearly what those rights are that need to be defended, in a way that the public can understand. Here's what I have:

1. Right to conduct one's life without fear of illegitimate retaliation. This idea joins privacy and free speech, and states not only the problem with ID requirements enabling censorship by raising the cost of anonymous speech, but also the fairly understandable notion that one lives one's lives in different spheres. Society would be worse, not better, if our employers could find out what stock we were buying or our paramours could find out what porn we liked looking at. Likewise, life would be worse if the government could figure out to whom we donate for no-fly list purposes. Anyone who doubts the creeping potential of data standardization to enable data collection, and data collection to enable mass discipline, should read Foucault's _Discipline and Punish_ twice and call me in the morning.

2. The right to privacy standing alone. The notion here is that we are worse off simply for being observed. I'm not really sure whether this is a defensible ethical position, but it can be translated into:

3. Right to autonomous self-creation. Is there an inherent right to control one's indentity, which represents an intrinsic good, rather than an instrumental good for things like non-observation and free speech? I think there is.

Kant described a fundamental right of autonomy in the command that the humanity in everyone be treated as an end in itself. Being an end in oneself seems to require the right and the duty to self-definition: to take on whatever -- or however many -- identies one chooses. The shame of modernity in a lot of ways is that it undermines that possibility: in aid primarily of economic interests we have lost the ability to be a different person in different spheres of life.

For a while, it looked like the internet was going to change this: "on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog" expressed a reality about the possiblity of dropping race, class, sex, sexual orientation, disability, etc. on the internet and engaging in social relationships with one's background freely self-chosen. (Sartre would have been tickled pink.) Alas, big business moved in, and that has been impaired: all forums for anonymous interaction are dominated by exponentially increasing spam, and named interaction subjects you to the omnipresent surveillance of google.

This Real ID business can (as hopefully the convergence thread will discuss) only make matters worse. The question then becomes: how much can we blame the commercial interests for this one, too? Is it the case that "national security" is just a giant red herring, and the real issue is that monied interests want a better way of picking out the reliable employees and good credit risks?

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