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Aldo Castañeda

Tangential to REAL ID ACT 2005 but perhaps of interest anyway?

I'm currently writing a legal paper regarding Kim Cameron's Laws of Identity from a legal/IP perspective.

In it I focus on the central role that "consumer trust" plays in wide adoption of a digital identity Metasystem as described in the Laws of ID.

In brief, I argue (to be precise I'm working on the argument) that because building consumer "trust" in the proposed Metasystem is the sine qua none of wide adoption, an independent organization should be created to "house" the IP associated with the UI elements of the Metasystem.


I believe that an independent organization could establish a set of conditions of compliance which implementers of Metasystem systems must meet in order to gain access (via royalty-free licenses) to standardardized UI elements.

This approach potentially provides the follownig advantages:

First, unlike much proposed Metasystem infrastructure standard UI elements are not abstractions for end-users. Therefore end-users could look for familiar visual clues when "shopping" for compliant Metasystems "services".

Second, these UI elements are also potentially the subject of IP protection.
Therefore when adopted as standard, these elements presumably provide the leverage for the above proposed independent entity to ensure minimal conditions of compliance with regard to both the consumer facing UI elements of the Metasystem but upon less tangible but no less important features that ensure minimal levels of security and/or privacy etc.

I'm trying ;-) ... to keep this short so I won't list some of the other advantages of this approach that I foresee. However I hope I've included enough here to spark some interest in this proposal. If so I welcome your comments.


Aldo Castaneda

Jaco Aizenman

The convergence of physical and virtual ID is an unavoidable trend...

The convergence phisical and the virtual worlds is also unavoidalble...

Constitutions rule the world...

The Metasystem (online identity glue) will operative rule the online world in the future...

The convergence between Constitutions and the Metasystem is a natural evolution...

In Costa Rica, 10 Congressman presented a Constitutional amendment to add an additional fundamental right: not having or having virtual personality.

A free translation is here:
The Congress of the Republic of Costa Rica Decrees:

Bill that adds an article 24 bis to the Political Constitution

Article 1- Add a new article 24 bis in the "Chapter IV" of the "Rights and Guarantees of the Individual,"

"Unique Chapter," that will say:

Article 24 bis- "All people has the right to have or not to have a virtual personality, where its presence, content and projection is regulated by each one of them.

It can not be used for discriminatory ends harming its bearer.

The State will guarantee that the information included in the virtual personality have the adequate security and legality; with the exclusion of third parties not authorized that pretend to obtain it.

The State could use the content
of the virtual personality of the people, previous authorization of them, always that it is in the benefit and advantage of the individual."
Everyone is invited to a Symposium on this subject, next Nov 17-18 in Costa Rica. You can contact me for details here:

More info here:

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